Aber LibTeachMeet, 4th June 2014. Hurray!


If you are interested in information literacy, or are involved in library teaching, we would love to see you on the 4th of June 2014. Aberystwyth is, we think, a brilliant place for an information professional get-together. There are many people in the region working with or studying really inspiring stuff, and it would be fantastic to hear about it.  This event will be sponsored by the CILIP Information Literacy Group

Thanks to the CILIP Information Literacy Group...brilliant!

Thanks to the CILIP Information Literacy Group…brilliant!


Here’s a description from the team who have held LibTeachMeets in Newcastle:

A LibraryTeachMeet is an informal get together for librarians to share ideas and experiences of teaching (and probably some cake too). Originally started by teachers, librarians have also started to share their own teaching experiences. This short video explains the idea. Anyone can speak at a (lib)TeachMeet – it’s all about sharing your own experiences and successes. Librarians learning from librarians.

Sounds good? We know that in our part of the world it can be quite difficult to get to big conferences and meet other information professionals. Sometimes it can be a great experience just meeting others face-to-face to share ideas, get inspiration, and be generally enthusiastic (and pretty nerdy if we’re honest).

Everyone will have the chance to give short 5 minute presentations on what they’ve been doing (or what they’d really like to do!) with regards to information literacy. Activities and group discussions are very much encouraged.


When:  4th June 2014, between 2 and 4 pm (with an optional tour of Aberystwyth University Hugh Owen Library afterwards).

Where:  Aberystwyth University…somewhere. Don’t worry, you won’t be left to wander the halls wailing ‘where are the librarians?!’. The exact location isn’t confirmed yet, but we will keep you posted.

Who:  Anyone who is interested. Whether you would like to talk about what you are involved in with regards to information literacy or teaching, or to join us in the audience, you are welcome. This is a free event, and people from any sector or career/study-level are extremely welcome.

For further information just contact: ltmstaff@aber.ac.uk


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