We found time for the past!

Julie LTMThe 2015 Aber LibTeachMeet held at the Hugh Owen Library at Aberystwyth University on June 3rd was a great success. The subject of this very informal get-together was: Finding Time for the Past: Special Collections in the Internet Age.
Our first speaker, Julie Archer, gave a talk on a postcard that was found on a popular auction website depicting a former alumnus, Iris DeFreitas Brazao. Iris was not only possibly the first black woman student to study at Aberystwyth University but also became the first woman to be admitted to practise law in the West Indies.
Joy Cadwallader spoke next and explained to us how in April 2014, Special Collections had been embedded into the curriculum of students from the English Department with great success.
Finally, Elgan Davies gave a talk on the life, work and collection of Sir John Rhys, who was the first Professor of Welsh at Oxford University and who, when he died in 1915, bequeathed a collection of some 2000 books to the University’s Library.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people that attended and who made the event such a success. Here’s to 2016’s Aber LibTeachMeet!


2 thoughts on “We found time for the past!

  1. Thanks Simon – this was a very enjoyable event. Hopefully there will be more Aber LibTeachMeet sessions in the future!

  2. Hello, I am Dianne deFreitas retired to Madeira from where the Portuguese emigrated to British Guiana.
    Iris Brazão was a great friend of my mother and I am pleased to know that she will be recognised by her

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